Motto: share your knowledge multiply your knowledge

become one of us: define a project with one of our members and join our scientific network

We have specialists in Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science

Basic Aims
i. teamwork development from exploring the question upto solving the problem


ii. making scientific connections to those who works in other institutes


iii. making scientific connections with whom is interested in brain-storm activities



we believe that always finding the real question is more difficult than solving it, thus we may share our problems to find the main question

Why, Where and How:
- we are material scientist, chemist and physicist
- actually we settle as the Functionalized Ceramic group (FCRgroup) in Department of Ceramics in Materials and Energy Research Center
- we do plan to extrapolate our knowledge by studying deeply the phenomena at surface or bulk of materials as well as considering the effect of nano-scale
- The laboratories and field of interests can be checked at the personal web-sites of each members (specially check the academic members)

so, contact us ...