Iranian Men-s day party, 12/05/2014, in main Laboratory (May2014)

M.Sc. Thesis Lectures day of Ms. Mehralian 15th of Apr. and Ms. Navidi 16th of Apr. 2014

pre-Persian NewYear 1393 party with M.Sc. party of Mr.Jahangir on March 14th 2014

Trip to Kerman, Coal Mine of Hojadk, with Dr.Raissi, Dr.Riahifar, Dr.Yaghmaee and Mr.Ahmadi "the one who took the pictures" (19 Feb. 2014)

our newborn electrochemical H2S and CO sensors from Dr.Raissi Research Project (Summer 2013 with Sasan Great Talent for ZOOM photography)

First FCRGroup inner Chess Competition along with poor and low calorie student lunch program (04 September 2031)

Lecture of Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami, The first Iranian chess grandmaster (26 June 2013)

our newborn electrochemical O2 sensor from Dr.Raissi Research Project (May 2013)

starting day for simulation lab 1391 in Persian calendar (2012)

end of 1390 in Persian calendar (2011-12)

end of 1389 in Persian calendar (2010-11)

end of 1388 in Persian calendar (2009-10)

before 1388 in Persian calendar (2009)